Looking to get some concreting done on your property? Knowing where to start is hard, especially the first time, it can be a little overwhelming. Arranging an onsite quote with a local concreter is the best place to start, in this meeting you’ll be able to get a better idea of what you need, what the options are and the budget that is required. As a home owner, you are entitled to get as many quotes as you want for your project, but do take into consideration that each time a concrete contractor comes out to your property, it is time out of their day, therefore being prepared is the best way to make the most out of both your time and their time.

This article explores how you can prepare for your onsite quote with one or multiple tradespeople, which will keep things efficient and productive. Keep on reading for more tips on finding and matching with the best local Caboolture concreter for your project.

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Do some research

A good use of your time is to do a little bit of targeted research before the concreter arrives to narrow down what your preferred outcome is. What do you envision your project to look like? What are your options? The answers are right by your fingertips—Google is your friend. The idea behind this research is to get a rough idea of what your options are, if you can find price range guides that is great. Decide on a desired time frame of how long you can wait, or how urgent the project is, this will be helpful in determining whether a contractor is a good fit, for example if they are booked out for the next 4 months but you need the job done within 2 months, you will be better off going with someone else.

Familiarising yourself with the basics in concreting would help a lot, so you won’t feel lost in the quotation process. You will also see that you have to gauge their professional qualifications. Remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better. In the end, you might have to spend more than a brand new installation because of faulty materials. Having a rough idea of how much your project will cost in time and money will help you be an informed decision maker in the quoting process.

Be present at the quote 

By being present at the quote, you can communicate clearly with your chosen contractor. You can lay out solid instructions, clear goals, and requests to be made for your project. That way, you can also source their professional feedback, suggestions, and solutions. Be open to their observations—expect alternative solutions from their end because they might offer solutions better than your initial vision for your property. Concreting is not a one size fits all approach, with various ways of execution tailor-made for every property, whether it’s commercial or residential. If you absolutely cannot be present on the quote, you could be on the phone or on video with them whilst they are at your property, this will enable you to talk things through live.

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Bring along some questions on your phone or on a piece of paper

Write down questions for your contractor so you eradicate the possibility of overlooking important questions. Being prepared means that you wont forget vital pieces of information that you need when making a decision, you can compare apples with apples.

Aside from these questions, you could also research or request their professional portfolio and customer testimonies, (usually in form of pictures or galleries on their website) to add another layer of trust.

The following are questions or requests you can ask during your concreting quote:

Time frames that the company can expect to complete the job

Project time frames are very important to serve as your guide, to know how long the project will be running, if the project aligns with your schedule so arrangements could be made, and if the contractor could meet the deadlines on time. And because concrete projects indeed are a tedious process, asking them about their estimated timeframe reflects your contractor’s approach, for example, how did they resolve a similar issue with a previous client. Comparing their timeframes with other contractors and finding outliers will mean that you can see if they will be cutting corners or drawing a project out unnecessarily.

Itemised quote

Usually, an email is sent following the onsite quote, and the quotation from your concreter includes the breakdown of the material costs, labour, and all that will need budgeting for the project. Confirm to them if this process will be a collaboration or if will they do all the planning and canvassing separately, this is especially important if you have a builder that you need to liaise with such as with bigger property renovations or extensions. See if they can secure high-quality materials, while still at an affordable price. 

Warranty on their work

For your peace of mind and for the sake of the integrity of the project, ask your contractors about what types of insurance or guarantees they offer. These will ensure you that your contractor will still provide the remedy or solution if cracks start to show or other signs of damage are now visible. 

Who will get the work done

This is a question you should be firm in asking your contractor. Chances are the person who gave you the quote might not be the same team that will actually work on the project. Talk to your contractor to determine if they are a solo team or if they hire subcontractors on their project. Ask them also about how many people would work on the project. 

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It doesn’t matter whether it is your first time working on a concreting project or you have many previous repair works done for your property, the aim is to choose the contractor that will take the pain of construction away! In the end, being a little prepared for your onsite quote will mean that you can ask the right questions to ultimately help you make an informed decision about which contractor you will choose as well as the specifics about your project.

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