Having a pool is a luxury, a haven to escape the heat of summer, a place to relax and unwind. Investing in a pool and the landscaping near your pool will make your outdoor area usable all year round thanks to our mild QLD winters.

We may be biased, but we believe that the best material to put around an in ground pool is concrete. This article explains why concrete is a known favourite material for the construction of an in ground pool and its surrounds.


One of the main reasons why concrete is a choice material when it comes to anything outdoor, let alone to hold water, is because concrete is a very durable material. Investing in a pool is a large expense, and choosing materials that will be able to get the most out of your investment is a no brainer. Rain, UV rays, hail and wind are what your outdoor areas are exposed to on a regular basis. Concrete, in addition to being inexpensive, is a flexible construction material that suits the Caboolture weather all year round. Families will benefit most from the installation of concrete pool surrounds. You won’t have to replace or repair concrete pool or pool surrounds even after a long time, because they are proven to last for decades.


The threat of water makes many materials not suitable or less suitable than concrete. Especially for the pool itself, concrete is a favourite material due to its water resistant properties along with the strength, being able to handle the weight of water in the average pool. Considering the pool surrounds, pooling of water is unavoidable therefore choosing a material that will not be compromised by water is important. Concrete is impenetrable by water, as long as there are no cracks or chips which compromise the integrity of it. Considering a pool, the material is also modified to withstand chlorine and even saltwater. In addition to that, concrete pool surrounds could absorb heat well, so burn incidents while walking on it are kept to a minimum.

Financially viable

We understand that constructing a pool is a large investment of money, time and other resources. We are your local Caboolture concrete company and we understand that budget, most often, is still the homeowner’s number one consideration when it comes to projects. But building a pool on a budget doesn’t have to mean you get a boring one. Gone are the days when concrete is boring, it is so versatile that you can mix and match your design vision for a reasonable price! They add more value, sturdiness, and style to your outdoor space! Exposed aggregate is a crowd favourite with pools due to the extra feature of being slip resistant as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Concrete is pretty low maintenance. A high pressure hose will do the trick every now and then, removing dirt and build up of moss or algae. If your concrete is a standard finish, the smooth surface will be even more forgiving when it comes to maintenance. Exposed aggregate on the other hand will require a little more frequent cleaning as there is more opportunity for moss and algae growth on the uneven surface. The average concrete pool surround needs to be topped with a coat of fresh sealer every 2 to 3 years to maintain that polished look.


When you mix water and any surface that is walked on, accidents are waiting to happen, especially within the area of your pool during summer. Kids running around after getting off the pool, vulnerable elderlies with delicate steps. The surface of your pool surrounds is important in determining the safety of those who use it.

Concrete pool surrounds, especially ones like exposed aggregate, add more traction and grip so you can be reassured that lesser slips or accidents may occur. With concrete, there are various grades of coarseness to improve grip. The resistance concrete pool surrounds offer is a standard that even local governments choose for public infrastructures like sidewalks. One factor to consider is to clean and remove algae and moss build up from the surrounds, this will decrease slippery surfaces as well as keep it looking neat.

Aesthetically versatile – matches your taste

Go big, go bold. Express yourself by modifying your pool surrounds! Aside from the security and durability concrete offers, it can also add that sophisticated elegant vibe to your pool. The wide array of customisation is endless. You have the freedom to explore your creativity with concrete pool surrounds: hues, textures, finishes – the choice is all yours. 


Does your family love to hold outdoor BBQs and swimming parties? Take your game up a notch without spending a fortune. Make a splashing statement with stunning concrete pool surrounds! Choose the right pool landscape for your property with professionals. 
Our team will be more than delighted to guide you on your concrete pool surrounds. We will help you make the process seamless and efficient. We offer free quotations and inspections for properties around the Caboolture area. Make your million-dollar pool look upgrade (without spending $1million, of course!) with us today. Interested in other concreting projects? Stamped, coloured concrete? Driveway? Patio? You name it, we will bring your vision to life.

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